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Processing of multi-satellite and bistatic SAR constellation data

Synopsis: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) remote sensing has undergone a tremendous development in recent years. Recently, the trend in sensor development is going towards constellations of sensors as well as bi-static missions and smaller companion satellites to extend existing missions toward bi-static capabilities. The tremendous success of the TanDEM mission can be seen as the spark lightning the growing interest in bi-static mission concepts. Additionally, geo-synchronous missions will offer unique temporal resolutions and are also in an early development stage. With upcoming sensors, like a DEM-L and LuTan-1, as well as other concepts, a deeper look into recent developments in bi-static / multi-static SAR processing and applications is essential for the widespread usage of the expected data.

We would like to invite you to submit articles about your recent research with respect to the following topics:

  • Processing SAR constellation data
  • Bi/Multi-static SAR processing
  • Applications for bi-static SAR processing and DEM production
  • Geo-synchronous concept and processing
  • Mono-static pursuit data SAR processing and applications


The session is open to all authors.