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Grow with the flow: Scale as needed with Spatial Modeler

Over the past several years, the volume of data from image acquisition systems has grown exponentially, due, in part, to the growth of lower-cost UAV platforms and constellations of satellites. This effect is seen not only in the imagery’s spatial resolution, but also in the frequency of acquisition, with daily revisit rates becoming the norm, increasing the need to process data quickly and automatically. Photogrammetry workflows (e.g., adjustment, ortho rectification, color balancing, and mosaicking) are normally the initial steps of data processing. To handle this large volume of imagery, photogrammetric solutions that can detect new acquisitions automatically, instantly process data, easily scale up as needed, and feed output to downstream geospatial processes are needed. ERDAS IMAGINE’s Spatial Modeler is designed to solve these challenges by offering hundreds of operators that easily chain together into models to solve complex geospatial problems.