Thematic Sessions

List of Thematic Sessions

Day 1
06 Jun 2022

Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation

Co-organized by ION, IAG, FIG, RIN Synopsys: The Navigation and Mapping disciplines have been increasingly overlapping recently, as technology keeps rapidly advancing. These fields share not only similar sensors but...
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Charles Toth
Allison Kealy

Deep learning for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis

Synopsys: Dynamics on the Earth’s surface are governed by continuous temporal processes that can be observed in discrete intervals by Earth observation satellites. Recent satellite constellations, such as Landsat-8, Sentinel-1...
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Zhou Zhang
Marc Rußwurm
Charlotte Pelletier

Cultural Heritage Documentation

Synopsys: The session will host contributions on the role of metric survey and remote sensing techniques for the documentation of Unmovable Cultural Heritage assets of different nature: buildings, historical centres,...
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Day 2
07 Jun 2022

Remote sensing and the geosciences – a premier field of data science – a session in cooperation between IEEE GRSS and ISPRS

Synopsis: During the last decade or so, deep learning, as a sub-field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, has revolutionized remote sensing and the geosciences, and has become a tremendous...
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Christian Heipke
Paolo Gamba
Day 3
08 Jun 2022

Unsupervised and weakly supervised deep learning for EO

Synopsis: Deep learning methods have emerged and proved very successful in providing meaningful insights from big archives of Earth Observation data, leading to breakthroughs e.g. in land cover / use...
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Devis Tuia
Matthieu Molinier

Digital twins: Vision papers

Keywords: Future of information displays, visualization and interaction paradigms, content creation procedures, automation, artificial intelligence, extended reality; IoT, Big data, 3D Modelling Abstract: With the advent of better functioning and...
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Victoria Rautenbach
Sidonie Christophe
Arzu Çöltekin
Day 4
09 Jun 2022

EuroSDR theme session for National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies

Synopsys: EuroSDR is a not-for-profit organisation linking National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCAs) with Research Institutes and Universities in Europe for the purpose of applied research in spatial data provision,...
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Jon Mills
Fabio Remondino
Day 5
10 Jun 2022

LULC Change Detection and Updating

WG work and call  for submissions (among other) on: LULC change detection Climate change impact on changes in LULC Dynamics cycles and prediction of LULC Automatic and autonomous algorithms for...
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Ammatzia Peled

News Approaches in Radio Sciences for Disaster Management and Remote Sensing

Synopsis: Risk has a multi-facet character. A disaster event must be managed in a transdisciplinary way even if we are confined to radio-science and remote sensing aspects. The contribution of...
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Orhan Altan
Tullio Joseph Tanzi

Reality capture and quality inspection in digital construction

Utilizing digital technologies to design and build more efficiently with higher quality has been gaining a lot of interest in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry since utilizing these...
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Markus Gerke
Norman Hack
Mehdi Maboudi
Yelda Turkan

Innovative Applications of Satellite Data for Risk Management and Disasters

Recent years have seen dramatic improvements in the use of satellite data for risk management through the emergency of new sensors, new change detection techniques, and the evolution of semi-automated...
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Andrew Eddy
Laura Frulla
Hélène de Boissezon

SAM: Simultaneous Adjustment and Mapping Using SLAM & ISO

Self-driving vehicles R&D has been evolving over the past few years. Self-driving depends on several integrated technologies, one of which is high-definition mapping & map-based localization. The art and science...
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Mohamed M.R. Mostafa