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Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation

Co-organized by ION, IAG, FIG, RIN

Synopsys: The Navigation and Mapping disciplines have been increasingly overlapping recently, as technology keeps rapidly advancing. These fields share not only similar sensors but use similar methods for georeferencing and navigation as well as to acquire geospatial data for navigation and mapping. Since location data and timing are critical infrastructure services, there is an urgent need to achieve assured and ubiquitous navigation, which means that current GPS/GNSS-centered PNT (positioning, Navigation and Timekeeping) systems should be complemented by non-RF observation of the environment to provide positioning in situations where satellite signal reception is compromised, such as the signal is weak or jammed/spoofed. Geospatial technologies provide excellent capabilities to sense the environment, and geospatial data could be used either real-time for navigation or to create maps, which provide the basis for absolute positioning. This session aims to discuss the recent developments in the navigation field with a focus on using geospatial technologies to support resilient and ubiquitous navigation.

The session is open to all authors.