Frédéric Férésin (Thales Alenia Space)

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Frédéric Férésin (Thales Alenia Space)

Thales Alenia Space


Frédéric Férésin graduated in 1991 from the Ecole Supèrieure de l’Energie et des Matériaux(groupe Polytech). He directly integrated Thales Alenia Space as Satellite integration and tests engineer. From almost 30 years now he has worked for Thales Alenia Space in various satellite
programs, the last one been Meteosat Third Generation as the procurement manager of the Lighting Imager Instrument. In 2018 he took the responsibility of the CIAR (Chaine Image Autonome et Réactive) project from IRT Saint Exupéry (Sophia-Antipolis) bringing as partners seven companies (ActiveEon, AViSTO, ELSYS Design, GEO4i, MyDataModels, Thales Alenia Space, TwinswHeel) and two academic labs (Inria, LEAT/CNRS). The CIAR project being a success with an In-Orbit test on the OPS- AT nanosat demonstrator. He is also the co-founder of the AzurIA company.

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