Lei Yan

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Lei Yan


Peking University


Yan’s professional expertise encompasses the principles, the methods and the instruments of polarization remote sensing; He deeply studied in high resolution remote sensing and calibration, and quantitatively studied the spatial, temporal, spectral and radiometric resolution of remote sensing, as well as designing the target for field calibration; A new generation of high speed image processing system was developed based on the polar coordinate and the functional characterization of the digital base-height ratio, which can process the aerospace remote sensing image in high precision and high speed; He also studied in the methods and techniques of remote sensing control theory, and specially researched in intelligent fusion of information, parallel calculation and processing, fault-tolerance reconstruction and fuzzy control against the problems in the precision, the real-time performance, the reliability and the complexity of the remote sensing system; An intelligent photography technique was developed as well as the Advanced Photo System (APS) ; His researches in electrostatic suspension technique and the inertial sensors promoted the systematic studying of the technology and its application.

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