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2021 digital edition – XXIVth ISPRS Congress
All hours provided in this document are Central European Summer Time (CEST / GMT + 2).
Thursday 8 July
Thematic Sessions

08:00 – 08:50: Digital Twins
Chairpersons: Arzu Çoltekin (FHNW), Sidonie Christophe (LASTIG)
● TH.1.1: #658 Image-Based Reality-Capturing and 3d Modelling for The Creation of VR
Cycling Simulations. Wissam Wahbeh, Manuela Ammann, Stephan Nebiker, Michael Van
Eggermond, Alexander Erath.
● TH.1.2: #382 Creating 3D indoor first responder situation awareness in real-time through a
head-mounted AR device. Bart-Peter Smit, Robert Voûte, Edward Verbree.
● TH.1.3: #671 Embodied digital twins for environmental applications. Pejman Sajjadi, Jiayan
Zhao, Jan Oliver Wallgrun, Jiawei Huang, Mahda Bagher, Alexander Klippel.
● TH.1.4: #578 Hybrid GIS-BIM approach for the Torino Digital-Twin: the implementation of a
3D city geodatabase for floor-level urban analysis. Giulia Sammartano, Marco Avena, Marco
Cappellazzo, Antonia Spanò.

09:00 – 09:50: Unconventional applications for geospatial deep learning
Chairpersons: Matthieu Molinier (VTT), Devis Tuia (EPFL)
● TH.2.1: #306 Deep learning for vessel detection and identification from spaceborne optical
imagery. Giona Matasci, Jonathan Plante, Kevin Kasa, Payam Mousavi, Andrew Stewart,
Andrew Macdonald, Anne Webster, Jennifer Busler.
● TH.2.2: #512 Deep no learning approach for unsupervised change detection in hyperspectral
images. Sudipan Saha; Lukas Kondmann; Xiao Xiang Zhu.
● TH.2.3: #649 JUngle-Net: using explainable machine learning to gain new insights into the
appearance of wilderness in satellite imagery. Timo Tjaden Stomberg, Immanuel Weber,
Michael Schmitt, Ribana Roscher.
● TH.2.4: #708 End-to-end physics-informed representation learning from and for satellite
ocean remote sensing data. Ronan Fablet, Mohamed-Mahmoud Amar, Quentin Febvre,
Maxime Beauchamp, Bertrand Chapron.

10:00 – 10:50: AI for Knowledge Discovery in Geosciences
Chairpersons: Anca Anghelea (ESA), Diego Fernandez-Prieto (ESA)
● TH.3.1: #252 AI4EO: Reasoning, Uncertainty, Ethics and Beyond. XiaoXiang Zhu.
● TH.3.2: #258 Causal inference in Earth system sciences. Jakob Runge.
● TH.3.3: #316 Explainable Deep Learning: Paradigms for Earth Observation. Mihai Datcu.
● TH.3.4: #317 Asking questions to Sentinel images: a deep learning perspective. Devis Tuia,
Sylvain Lobry.
● TH.3.5: #730 Remote sensing, AI and innovative prediction methods for adapting cities to the
impacts of the climate change. Beril Sirmacek.
● TH.3.6: #253 Earth system data cubes: towards a multivariate understanding of regional to
global land surface dynamics. Miguel Mahecha, Fabian Gans, Gunnar Brandt, Markus
Reichstein, Carsten Bruckmann.

11:00 – 11:50: Towards resilient & ubiquitous navigation
Chairperson: Charles Toth (OSU)
● TH.4.1: #775 Cubesat onboard algorithm for space debris motion determination by
processing stereo images. Sergei Petrovich Simakov, Igor Vitalevich Belokonov.
● TH.4.2: #417 Image-based orientation determination of mobile sensor platforms. Oliver
Hasler, Stephan Nebiker.
● TH.4.3: #479 Analysis of positioning deviation between Beidou and GPS based on National
Reference Stations in China. Ming Chen, Qinglan Zhang.
● TH.4.4: #513 Feasibility Verification of Virtual Reference Station Technology in Geological
Hazard Monitoring. Qinglan Zhang, Ming Chen, Junli Wu, Chaoqian Xu, Fan Wang.
● TH.4.5: #745 Assessment of car collaborative positioning with UWB and vision. Andrea
Masiero, Charles Toth, Jelena Gabela, Guenther Retscher.
● TH.4.6: #146 Dynamic routing for navigation in changing unknown maps using deep
reinforcement learning. Yuci Han, Alper Yimaz.

13:00 – 15:00: Forum #1
Towards Transformational Change: Potential Contributions of ISPRS and the Role of
the Youth in Sustainable Development
(organized by UNEP and ISPRS Student Consortium)
Coordination :
● ISPRS Student Consortium: Sheryl Rose Reyes, Nicolas Pucino and Laxmi Thapa.
● UNEP: Adele Roccato and Pierre Boileau.

15:15 – 16:15: Keynote Speaker #7
Chairperson: Songnian Li
● The Samuel Gamble Award. Marlene McKinnon, Songnian Li.
Recipients: Jonathan Li & Jan Skaloud.
● Sarah Gallagher (Univ. of Western Ontario and Canadian Space Agency,
Canada). Space-based Earth observations. Challenges and new opportunities.

16:30 – 17:20: ISPRS Scientific Initiatives & Education and Capacity Building Initiatives (I)
Chairperson: Songnian Li (Ryerson University)
● TH.5.1: The ISPRS Benchmark Test on Indoor Modelling. Kourosh Khoshelham, Ha Tran,
Debaditya Acharya, Lucia Díaz Vilariño, Zhizhong Kang, Sagi Dalyot.
● TH.5.2: GeoBIM benchmark: reference study on software support for open standards of city
and building models. Francesca Noardo, Ken Arroyo Ohori, Filip Biljecki, Claire Ellul, Lars
Harrie, Thomas Krijnen, Margarita Kokla, Jantien Stoter.
● TH.5.3: International Benchmarking of terrestrial Image-based Point Clouds for Forestry.
Markus Hollaus, Martin Mokroš, Yunsheng Wang.
● TH.5.4: LightCam: Enlightening the camera obscura – Where photogrammetry, computer and
robotic vision meet. Erica Nocerino, Fabio Menna, Ronny Hänsch.

17:30 – 18:20: ISPRS Scientific Initiatives & Education and Capacity Building Initiatives (II)
Chairperson: Songnian Li (Ryerson University)
● TH.6.1: Development of an Online Spectral Library for Pigments of Paintings. Shuqiang Lyu,
Miaole Hou, Ahmed Shaker Abdelrahman, Jeffrey Lee.
● TH.6.2: #411 UP4DREAM capacity building project: UAS based mapping in developing
countries. Alessio Calantropio, Filiberto Chiabrando, Jessica Comino, Andrea Lingua, Paolo
Maschio, Tautvydas Juskauskas.
● TH.6.3: Development of educational content for the “D3MOBILE Metrology World League.
Juan Pedro Ortiz-Sanz, Mariluz Gil-Docampo, Teresa Rego-Sanmartín, Marcos Arza-García,
Grazia Tucci, Erica Isabella Parisi, Valentina Bonora, Francesco Mugnai.
● TH.6.4: ISAC assessment of past SI and ECBI projects. Ian Dowman.

18:30 – 19:20: Cultural Heritage
Chairpersons: Michael Younan (GSEC), Fulvio Rinaudo (Politecnico di Torino)
● TH.7.1: #264 Modelling the evolution of the archeological works developed in Qubbet El
Hawa (Aswan, Egypt). Jose Luis Pérez-García, Antonio T. Mozas-Calvache, Jose Miguel
Gómez-López, Alejandro Jiménez-Serrano.
● TH.7.2: #707 Integrating topographic, photogrammetric and laser scanning techniques for a
Scan-to-BIM process. Mauro Lo Brutto, Emanuele Iuculano, Paolo Lo Giudice.
● TH.7.3: #732 HBIM modelling for an historical urban centre. Antonia Spanò, Marco Avena,
Giulia Sammartano, Elisabetta Colucci.
● TH.7.4: #302 The reliability assessment of the TLS registration methods – the case study of
the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Jakub Markiewicz, Sławomir Łapiński, Agnieszka Bocheńska,
Patryk Kot.