#12 CANCELLED – Earth Datacubes: Concepts, Standards, Services (half day – afternoon)

05 Jun 2022

#12 CANCELLED – Earth Datacubes: Concepts, Standards, Services (half day – afternoon)

Datacubes are an accepted cornerstone for offering massive spatio-temporal Earth data in a more user-friendly, easier-to-analyse way. Basis for this is a paradigm shift from files with cumbersome encodings and metadata conventions to a holistic, homogenized space/time view where every sensor generates (and updates) a single object which users and applications, such as ML, can walk freely in space and time. OGC and ISO model datacubes as coverages. This data model is accompanied by a streamlined service model suite ranging from simple extraction to space/time analytics, fusion, and visualization.

In this tutorial, which is suitable for newcomers and experts alike, we present the concept of datacubes and their contribution to analysis-ready data. Based on the OGC reference implementation, rasdaman, live demos are presented, most of which participants can recap and modify on their laptop.

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Peter Baumann: Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University, Germany