Peter Baumann

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Peter Baumann

Jacobs University


Peter Baumann is Professor of Computer Science at Jacobs University, Germany, and founder and CEO of research spin-off rasdaman GmbH. He has pioneered actionable datacubes and the rasdaman (“raster data manager”) Array D BMS which is in operational use internationally. Baumann is editor of the OGC and ISO datacube standards which are implemented by the major open-source and proprietary raster server tools.

In OGC and ISO TC211 he is editor of the “Big Earth Datacube” data and service model standards. The modular Web Coverage Service (WCS) datacube standards suite, including the WCPS which also have been adopted by the European common Spatial Data Infrastructure, INSPIRE. Upon his initiative, ISO SC32 has established SQL/MDA (Multi-Dimensional Arrays) extending the SQL standard with domain- independent datacubes, based on the rasdaman array query language. Throughout his 15+years of

shaping standards he is actively pursuing outreach and education abo ut the standards and their practical use.

OGC has honored his contribution to Big Data standardization with the prestigious Kenneth Gardels Award for “significant and enduring advances” in technical standards. See his homepage for more information, including his 160+ publication list.

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